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she and him are a pair of sweet lovers ,they deeply love each other
每夜, 他们互相依偎, 她依偎在他怀里。他拥抱着她, 她依着他的胸口! 他们非常相爱,月亮可以证明他们的爱.
every night, they huddled up close to each other, she cuddled in his arms, He hugged her, she nestled against his chest! They extremely fall in love, the moon can prove their love

他给她无尽的关怀和照顾,她怕热,夜里总是会用脚踢开被子,他担心她会感冒! 总是在半夜起来为她盖好被子。
He gives her the inexhaustible concern and the attendance. Because she is sensitive to heat, in the night she always pushes away the quilt with her feet. He worries she gets cold! At the night he always gets up to cover her again with the quilt..
when eating at mealtime, he always keeps the most delicious food for her, looks while she finishes eating the meal,he can be very happy

He is always accompanying her, accompanies her to chat, accompanies her to play, accompanies her to play hide-and seek. He only wants to let her pass every day joyfully, he hopes every day to see smiles on her face

But the unfortunate matter very quickly occurs on them.On a rainy night, he hears the butcher say that in two month, the butcher will take the fattest pig to the slaughter house.
Looking at her while she sleeps, he can see that, indeed, she is fatter than before. He thinks that, in two month,she will get fatter, then she is sent to the slaughter house. That night, he did not sleep, he is extremely worried that it's difficult to save her.
He had thought for one night, and finally found out a solution. He decided to choose self-devotion, he exchanges his life for hers. He is no longer good to her, from then on, he frequently scolds her, he scolds her being lazy at every matter, but consider, he's only playing. His change let her heart feel extreme pain, because before he never scolded her like this.
He always leaves her alone, this let her feel lonely. This change let her think that he no longer loves her. She was very sad. She wanted back the past, the time she obtained his love, obtained his attendance and his care. She tries to change herself, but no matter what she does, he does no longer show his love to her.
At lunchtime, he does no longer wait for her to eat together. He starts to eat and drink too much, and entirely eat all the delicious food, he does not leave any food for her. His change makes her feel sad, she more and more gets skinny. He more and more gets fat.
The death approaches at that night, a rainy night. These are the tears of angels. It's destiny, but the angels cannot change their destiny. That night, he has written down his promise of his love to her on the wall: “I love you forever. If the language is not able to express my love to you, I'm willing to prove my love with my Life."
Later that night, he has been carried off by the butcher. He forever left her, he sadly closed his eyes to walk along with the butcher.
When she wake up, she can't find him. She saw the writings on the wall he wrote down. She finally understood all he did for her, but he did not leave her enough time to say to him “I love you”.
She decided to leave this place, in order to continue her live for him. She took a big truck to leave this place of sadness.

they sweet lovers He hugged her take care for her keeps food for her play with her He forever left her

Looking at her while she sleeps,

he frequently scolds her,

does no longer show his love to her.

He more and more gets fat.

I love you forever

He forever left her

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